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The Real Post Grad

Throughout college and since graduating, I have been proud of my independent spirit. In college I figured out ways to intern, convinced professors to let me into the classes I wanted to take, and kept up my GPA all on my own. After graduation I found my first apartment, landed a full time job, managed my own health insurance, will soon be buying a new car, and most recently found a new apartment and completed the subleasing process.

Especially since graduation, I’ve wanted to provide as much for myself as possible without relying on others. It’s been working so far (and as so many of you out there know, it’s not easy), but moving into this new apartment has really thrown me for a loop. It’s made being independent feel sort of of lonely.

I definitely understand why the majority of the closest people in my life couldn’t be there…

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The Real Post Grad

Lately, I’ve been trying my hardest to get back into a regular running schedule. To make things interesting, I’m alternating treadmill runs with outdoor runs (thanks for the 60+ degree weather in March, Earth!). When I run on a treadmill I’m forced to pace myself, since I want to make sure I don’t fall on my face or slip on the machine. I always keep my pace reasonable and hold it throughout the duration of my run. I’m able to finish longer runs this way, even though I HATE running inside.

As soon as you let me outside though, my pace goes out the window. I always start off runs way too fast and end up breathless and walking halfway through, when I know deep down that if I just slowed myself down, I could run the entire distance with no problem. There’s just something about the nice weather, endless sidewalks…

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When a gull and her BF end their relationship, there’s a 98% chance it was on the gull’s terms. There’s only a 2% chance that the gull got dumped, in which case there’s a 100% chance that the ex-BF will come crawling back. If you’re thinking to yourself,  “false, he did not come crawling back” then you’re probably an ugly or incredibly dull gull, in which case you’re not a gull, in which case EWWW!

Whether you’re part of the 98% or the 2%, you’re still going to do everything in your power to prove that you’re as happy as a clam, and that men have been lining up for you ever since your grade-A loins were taken off the meat market. Even if your exBF is so devastated you dumped him that he can’t even breath; the gull still wants to make him even more sad and jeal. Maybe…

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